What we made

Delta Analytics​

Project: Real Time Financial Reports
Web Scraping / Python / Machine Learning / SQL / .NET Core 2
An intelligent project that generates real-time financial reports for all investors and fans of crypto value. For the realization of this project, a large team has been engaged starting from data scraping to their design. Created unique vocabulary with machine learning and many other analyzes. Delta Analytics​​ is an intelligent project that continues to be sold in the European market.


Project: Social Network Management
Angular / Laravel / PHP / MySQL / Bootstrap
EveryMinute is a project for the management of social networks. The particular feature of this project is that you can assign tasks to certain employees. For all companies who want to facilitate social network management, the evryminute is ideal.

Access Control

Project: High Security – Real Time Reporting
Angular / .NET Core 2/ Bootstrap / SQL / Android / IOS
Application through real IP communicates with the input / output controller and all data are reported in real time. This application is designed for security purposes given in case of accident or misfortune you may have information on how many persons are inside the building, which deptarament are and in what office they are. The application is currently being sold to the Swiss market.

Online Stock

Project: Online Stock – Real time Statestic
Angular / .NET Core 2/ Bootstrap / SQL / Android / IOS / HTML5 / CSS3
Manage your stock. You can manage your stock from the web application or from the mobile, your employees can report the status of each store with one click. Just use your Magazine very efficiently and efficiently. The application was developed for our Swiss clientele.

Policlinica App

Project: Policlinica App
Angular / .NET Core 2/ Bootstrap / SQL / Android / IOS / HTML5 / CSS3
The application for the polyclinic enables time management, physician and other employee management in the polyclonal, keeping informed clients for updates, polyclonal offers, various reports for analysis and research. The app is built under Swiss law

Salary and Tax Managemente

Project: Salary and Tax Managemente
Angular / NodeJS/ Bootstrap / MangoDB / Cross Platform / HTML5 / CSS3
Another successful application for the Swiss market. The MTC calculates the hours worked by the employees and reports it to the salary. With such an application, every company can easily manage all salaries and taxes.

Management of Health Centers

Project: Management of health centers
Angular / NodeJS/ Bootstrap / MangoDB / Cross Platform
With the commitment of the Bruno Network team, the Swiss Health Centers now have a modern application for managing their patients, managing their doctors’ controls.

Am Bussines

Project: Insurance Network in Switzerland
WordPress/ PHP / Bootstrap / MySQL/ HTML5 / CSS3/
The insurance network in Switzerland is a web of insurance for the Swiss market. In the insurance platform you can get insurance from your home, insurance for your health and your family, insurance on your property, Am Bussines


Project: Track your employeer
Angular / NodeJS/ Bootstrap / MangoDB / Cross Platform
Employee management now only with a click, suitable for small to medium sized businesses. The application can be used by phone and web. Real-time and fast-tracking of the company’s employees. Billing fast with a click.

Q Restaurant

Project: Order and fast service
Angular / NodeJS/ Bootstrap / MangoDB / Cross Platform
You can order quickly, pay quickly, and get ready quickly, order just a click. Suitable for restaurants of various sizes.

Sketchup Plugin

Ruby on Rails / Design / Google
Do you have problems with exporting data from Sketchup? With this Application you can export all data with just one click in csv format or email me directly. There is no fatigue.


Project: Transport and Moving
WordPress/ PHP / Bootstrap / MySQL/ SEO / Socil Media
Live in Switzerland and want to spread it? or to carry or shed things unnecessary, Hermes is ideal for you.

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